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Please read and sign this form in order to
purchase a car while on the ACVE Program.

I understand that in order to purchase a car during my voluntary period in New Zealand with ACVE, I must perform the following tasks:

  • I will purchase the minimum of Third Party Insurance for my vehicle.

  • I will make sure it is legally registered and has a current WOF (Warrant of Fitness) at all times.

  • ACVE recommends having the vehicle checked by AA or a similar independent mechanic to ensure the vehicle is in sound and safe condition for purchase. 

  • It is recommended by ACVE that I get a Vehicle Information Report (VIR) to make sure there is no outstanding monies or fines on the vehicle before I purchase it, and to check it was not brought into the country damaged or with issues. A VIR can be purchased at

  • ACVE is not liable for any insurance, accidents, repairs, maintenance, Warrant of Fitness, Registration or the sale of the vehicle at the end of my exchange period.

  • ACVE will not act as a guarantor for me in the purchasing of a vehicle.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email with a copy of these conditions.

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