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Searching for an adventure?

 Not sure what to do after high school?

Hit the 25 year old slump?

Looking for a self-discovery?

Wanting to make a difference in the world? 

ACVE can help you achieve all your dreams and goals!

With over 40 countries involved in our program, we are one of the largest and most well-known organisations involved in cultural exchange and international volunteering. As part of ICYE, all of our overseas offices are partnered together to create an ethical and well maintained program that is all about making the world a better place.


So click on a continent below that you're interested in, and see the wonderful places you can go and how you can truly submerge yourself into another culture and a whole new world...


ACVE is the regional office for ICYE in New Zealand and Australia. ICYE stands for International Cultural Youth Exchange. ICYE has been operating for over 65 years to encourage youth to volunteer abroad and participate in meaningful cultural exchange that promotes diversity, cultural understanding and peace.

ICYE is affiliated to the UN, UNESCO, CCIVS and the European Commission.

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