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ACVE offers both Long-Term and Short-Term Programs, that let you base yourself within a community and become a part of the everyday life of the local people.

Long-Term Programs

Our Long-Term Programs (LTP) are our main program, and offer a full and in-depth environment for you to submerge into a new culture and really feel the impact of being a part of local community.

  • Two departure periods each year, being January/February and then July/August.

  • Placements either 6 or 12 months long.

  • Comprehensive package

See more about our LTP's here.

Short-Term Programs

Our Short-Term Programs (STePs) offer placements that let you be a part of a group working towards a common goal, in local communities that give an immediate inroad into the culture and people. The placements are highly considered by our ICYE partners, and in no way does STePs lead to 'voluntourism' activities.

  • Flexible departure periods depending on placement requirements

  • Placements are 4 - 16 weeks in length

  • Robust package

See more about our STePs here.


Our programs are all about cultural exchange. As the world becomes a more globalised society, it brings with it new challenges as different cultures, beliefs, thinking and history come together. To learn about new cultures - to understand them and build acceptance and tolerance - is a powerful way to open our eyes to each other and celebrate the advantages that we can create together.

One of the best ways to do this is to fully submerge in another world. To embrace the differences and learn why and how various cultures do things. This is deeper than being a tourist. This isn't about seeing the glossy surface Instagram pics. This is about being a part of a new community, a new society - and opening your eyes to how different people live day to day all over the world.

Our programs let you be a part of those communities. They let you become ingrained in their culture and their way of life. This is when true growth happens - when you give part of yourself to others then you receive so much back in return.

So don't be a fly-by-nighter. Don't just scratch the surface. Get in the thick of it, get involved and truly be a part of learning about our world from the inside out.

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