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ACVE are a registered New Zealand charity, Charity Number CC46316.

Through our work with international volunteer and cultural exchange placements with other NZ charities and non-profits, we contribute over $1 million of value every year in charitable help to these NZ organisations. The entire program through the ICYE Federation is responsible for countless charitable contributions, millions of hours of philanthropic service and priceless connections and cultural exchanges that continues to create a more unified world in this forever growing globalised society.


ACVE receives no government funding and is solely here for the benefit of facilitating this incredible cultural journey for young people around the world to embark on.

If you or your business would like to get involved, please get in touch to see how you can help. Likewise, you can donate directly using the link below.

Thank you for considering ACVE.


Donate using your credit or debit card via the PayPal button below.

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