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Please read and sign this form in order to
confirm your visa conditions while on the ACVE Program.

Your NZ visa is a volunteer visa issued to you specifically to participate in your ICYE volunteer exchange programme with ACVE. It is NOT a work visa and one of the conditions attached to this visa is that you are solely in a voluntary role, and will not undertake paid employment. Please read the extract below from NZ Immigration:


E11.125.20 Maintenance and employment

This scheme is approved as an exception to instructions on the basis that ACVE volunteers fulfil the definition of a volunteer under the Employments Relations Act 2000 and we are satisfied that the true nature of their relationship is not that of an employment relationship.


In the absence of a specific immigration instruction which caters for volunteers, we have determined that a work exchange visa is the most appropriate action. We understand that ACVE participants are not permitted to undertake paid employment.



This means that you cannot undertake any casual paid employment at your voluntary work placement, nor can you apply for any temporary or permanent paid position in New Zealand.


If you decide to leave the ACVE programme early, this Visa is cancelled, and you have to individually apply for a temporary Visitor Visa (which again, is for travelling only and you cannot work on this visa).


If any of these conditions are breached, NZ Immigration has the right to revoke your visa and send you home. This would also affect the possibility of future volunteers coming to New Zealand through the ACVE work exchange visa scheme.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email with a copy of these conditions.

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