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We specialise in Long-Term projects, with placements of either 6 or 12 months. Our overseas partners provide NZ volunteers with projects that directly help the local communities they are in. The whole concept is to create a placement that lets you fully submerge into the culture and everyday life of the local people. After all, our entire foundation is built on cultural exchange and to create better understanding around the world. What better way to begin this journey than by lending a hand?

We can also provide shorter-term placements, between 4 - 16 weeks, with our overseas offices ensuring that projects remain within our ethical ethos of international volunteering. We are completely against any form of voluntourism, and short-term volunteers will be given projects that are meaningful, well checked and are in line with ICYE's strict criteria.


Assist in kindergartens, primary schools or high schools. Help teach English in developing nations. Provide a helping hand to teachers in classrooms around the world. Support students with their studies, and lend your assistance to school operations. If you're amazing with kids, love to teach and have an urge to nurture future generations, this could be for you!


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If you're a leader, a great listener and someone who has a huge amount of empathy for other young people, this could be your calling! Our support and supervision projects include a wide variety of options, including working with communities helping street children, supporting abandoned kids, & providing communities with support facilities.

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Work with people who live with disabilities and help them with their daily life. Assist in schools that work closely with the special needs of their children. Provide support in community facilities that help local people overcome hardships. If you are someone who has a caring nature and wishes to go the extra mile for those who need a little help in their life, we really need you!

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Are you someone that is interested in helping in a more medical approach? There are many places around the world that need a hand with delivering their community practices. This could be assisting with HIV treatment, helping with local vaccinations and providing support in community facilities. This would suit someone who wants to pursue this field.

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Are you concerned about the environment? Are you passionate about protecting animals and conserving the world's natural flora and fauna? We have projects around the globe that you can help with their efforts in conserving our natural world. Help protect endangered species, learn about sustainable forestry or educate the public about conservation.

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Work in youth centres. Help with after school care. Take a big brother or sister approach in being an amazing support person for a younger student. If you're a great role model, have a massive CAN-DO attitude and love to encourage youth so they can reach their full potential, then you could be the perfect candidate for our mentoring positions.

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