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Please read and sign this form in order to
confirm your visa conditions while on the ACVE Program.

Your New Zealand Visa is a visa issued to you specifically to participate in your ICYE volunteer exchange program with ACVE. Whilst this visa would usually legally allow you to undertake temporary paid employment in New Zealand, it is a condition of your exchange year with ICYE that you are undertaking a voluntary position and that you do not assume paid employment under any circumstance while on the program.


ACVE has a separate Work Exchange Scheme Visa agreement with Immigration New Zealand (INZ). INZ have stated that all volunteers who are eligible should apply under the NZ Working Holiday Visa, as you have done, in order to avoid taking the limited Work Exchange Visa quota.


Since you are an ICYE volunteer, this means that you cannot undertake any casual paid employment at your voluntary work placement, nor can you apply for any other temporary or permanent paid position in New Zealand whilst participating in the ACVE program.


Once you have completed your ACVE program, you may apply for paid employment as per the conditions of your Working Holiday Visa, should you wish to do so and if time permits.


You must depart New Zealand before your Working Holiday Visa expires.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive an email with a copy of these conditions.

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